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Letter from the CEO

Let me tell you how Native Roofing and Restoration, LLC began. We are a company serving the Memphis area. We are licensed and insured. We are a family with Christian values, where God is first in our lives and business. We love the missionary work that God puts in our hearts to do. If you choose to do your roof with us you will not only bless our lives but you will also be left with a new roof, no leaks guaranteed and you will also help us spread the word like God has called us to do in Mark 16:15.


Now Let me tell you why you would make the best decision in choosing us to serve you with your Roof needs or any other remodeling in your home. I started as the helper in roofing crews. I began picking up shingles, all debris from the job site. I worked my way up to installing shingles MYSELF. Learning every technique and every detail that involves roofing. Then I became a subcontractor for many mayor roofing companies in the Memphis area and North Mississippi area.


Now I am the owner of Native Roofing and Restoration, LLC. Where we offer you lower prices, but with greater quality; We work with our own crew. We do not promise to finish a job in one day. A roof has a lot of details, and it needs 2 to 3 days to get it done right. I tell you this because I have done a lot of homes during my own 15-years of experience in roofing installation. Many companies pressure sub-contractors to finish in one day, and this causes many sub-contractors to hire inexperienced workers to get on your roof. We have had the same crew for over 10 years. They make sure to do their job with care as if it was our own.


We fix the most minor details and defects that can cause your home leaks or extra money out of your pocket. We do not do layover(new roof on the current roof) because it is not the right way to do a roof. If you had previous problems with flashing or rotten decking, you will be left with new shingles, but with still great risks of leaks in your home. A roof is no joke. If you choose us, you will be choosing an experienced, honest, responsible, serviceable company and experience with the insurance companies; we will meet with the insurance adjuster. WE ARE 100% ROOFERS!


We don't have a "30 or 40 year experience," but I do have a 15 years of experience in our services which includes tearing off old roofs, replacing rotten decking, installing materials in valleys, new felt with plastic caps, installing shingles, installing step flashing, counter flashing in the areas where needed and I install this with my own hands. I started at the bottom of the roofing industry and worked my way up and that is why we are experienced at what we do. Call Native Roofing and Restoration, LLC for your Roof Replacement estimate. It will be a pleasure to serve you. We look forward to hearing from you!



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