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Ice and Water Shields

Any roofing system has to have protection from water-related issues. This includes wind-driven rain, flowing water, ice dams, seepage and other water problems. A roofing underlayment system can be used to alleviate water concerns. The best product to use for these water concerns is an ice and water shield product.

Used under standard type roofing and conventional asphalt shingle, ice and water shield will effectively resist water penetration. Areas around valleys are also protected from water intrusion. Anywhere water tends to collect and flow can be kept safe from damage by using an ice and water shield product. They keep water from seeping under your roof and doing damage to your roof, attic and even the interior of your home.

Ice and water shield can be used in new home construction . The product works fine in both applications. In many locales the installation of the shield is required by building codes. The product can be installed over the entire roof for extra protection but in many instances it is only applied where problems generally occur. 

The integrity of your roof is of prime importance in home ownership. Water seeping under shingles and other types of roofing can cause great damage to the roof itself and anything under the roof, such as your attic and the interior of your home. Keeping the area dry is the best and easiest way to avoid such damage. A roofing underlayment system such as ice and water shield is the most effective way to protect your roof and home. 


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